Our Capabilities

The competitive nature of African trade today requires that all aspects of the business be managed effectively. This includes mobile resources, the vehicles that play an integral role in delivering products and services to the customer. FML has recognised this as a key component in its service offering and offers various mitigant structures to ensure the safe passage of product.

These mitigants include the following:  

1.  An effective communication system

FML’s communication system is directed from an on the ground source as well as a remote tracking source. Information is fed through to the head office by computerized satellite tracking systems (Ezy Track), radio and GSM telecommunication sources from business associates and agents located along the route. The EzyTrack activity monitoring system allows monitoring of the truck’s location, speed, braking conditions, route deviations, engine on/off, preset alarm and position notifications amongst other features.

2.  Expediting border crossings and physical monitoring of goods while in transit

As part of the service offering FML maintains liaison personnel at border crossings on all our routes, who physically check on the movement of in-transit tankers and expedite border crossing procedures. Having delivered product into the sub-region for a consistent period of time, FML are well versed with the intricacies involved in crossing African borders.

3.  Theft reduction methods

In order to avoid pilferage of product FML have devised an intricate system of locking tankers, in addition to applying the seals which are customary on tankers. FML carries 1st class, comprehensive insurance on all tractor trucks and tankers which provides cover for amongst other things, Open Marine Cover (GIT insurance) including removal debris and clean-up costs in the event of a spill, General Public Liability Cover and Employers Liability Cover to name but a few elements.