The FML Oil Company of Zimbabwe is a leading bulk fuel transporter within the SADC region.

+263 772 608 912

533 Hacha Road, Ruwa, Zimbabwe

Mon - Sat: 7:00 - 17:00

company overview

FML Logistics (Pvt) Ltd was acquired by Brainworks Petroleum (Pvt) Ltd to provide efficient and cost-effective fuel transport solutions to meet increasing demand from sub-Saharan emerging businesses. Brainworks Petroleum is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Arden Capital – a diversified investment holding company, with an exclusive focus on Zimbabwe.
"The mission of FML Logistics (Pvt) Ltd is to be a major provider of competitively priced and superior logistics solutions in Zimbabwe and the SADC region and to be the preferred bulk fuel haulier of the region's petrochemical industry."

Our Values

FML has been built on solid values and a strong work ethic. 

Quality service delivery always

training and manpower development

Long term business relationships

innovation and continual improvement